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BTCnews – All The Latest Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

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May 14, 2018
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Nowadays it seems that the interest for cryptos has increased, with many people trying to master the art of trading and investing. But how does one know how to make the right choices or know when the time is right to make these choices? A useful tool that experienced traders use to stay on top of things is a crypto-news aggregator. These sites are specialized in pulling in crypto and blockchain related news and articles from thousands of sources. Traders use these services to find out the latest happenings and speculate when is the best time to buy or sell. However, seeing as there are so many crypto aggregators out there, it’s kind of hard to spot the best one.

BTCnews Introduction

One great aggregator that focuses on crypto-related news is BTCnews. BTCnews brings you the latest news about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The site searches the web for the latest happenings and developments that may impact the market, and gathers all this valuable information in one convenient place.

BTCnews sources news from many important outlets from the industry including: Coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine, newsBTC, Bitcoin Foundation, along with many traditional news sites, guaranteeing you won’t miss anything from the crypto space.

In addition to articles which are constantly updated throughout the day, the app also features financial information and charts for numerous cryptos from the market. The trending news and interesting items are curated and tagged so that the information can be quickly accessed, so you won’t lose any time shifting through all the news. You also have the option of selecting your favorite sources for a quick check.

BTCnews Features

BTCnews has many useful features that were specially designed to make things easy for you and provide a seamless user experience. The features included are:

  • Coverage of dozens of different, high-quality news sources with the newest daily content. New sources are constantly being added to the list.
  • Support for many languages and news from all over the world.
  • Financial information, charts, and graphs with real-time information
  • A Today Widget that quickly updates price information
  • News updated throughout the day
  • Human curation for unique sources you won’t find anywhere else
  • Save any articles that you might want to read later
  • Select favorite news sources for quick access
  • Trending news and interesting stories can be manually tagged for an easier follow
  • Daily videocasts on cryptocurrencies can be easily viewed
  • Podcasts can be listened from within the app
  • Stories about particular topics can be searched
  • Share via Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, email, and many other platforms
  • Receive notifications of breaking news and stories of interest
  • View more articles from a particular source
  • View Bitcoin-to-$ current exchange rate featured right in the navigation bar which is constantly updated
  • Information for the 100 top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization is displayed
  • An up-to-date learning and resource center for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency information, from beginner tutorials to advanced subjects
  • Displays crypto/fiat prices for most major currencies
  • Coverage of Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and various other altcoins, in addition to Bitcoin
  • Displays detailed info for all active exchanges for a selected crypto/fiat pair
  • The best user experience which focuses on speed, usability, and ease of navigation
  • The mobile app is constantly maintained for iOS & iPhone updates

Future Developments

The team behind BTCnews plans to expand the service’s market appeal by launching a website in the near future. The website in question will feature the same content as the iOS application, and it should help the platform gain some much-needed coverage on other systems as well.

Other future plans include the addition of a Categories feature that will allow users to filter news based on their interests a lot more accurately than before. According to the team, all news items will be tagged via a combined process of using an in-house algorithm and the publisher’s tagging where it’s available.


BTCnews is a reliable news aggregator that lets you follow all the latest trends and crypto-related stories, providing investors and traders a structured feed through which they can make wise and financially profitable decisions.

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