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Cryptocurrency and blockchain are currently some of the most exciting technologies and, just like all technologies, if used right, can help make our lives better. A Peruvian entrepreneur aims to use blockchain tech to make biodiversity conservation profitable.

More to the point, Rafael Benavides aims to transform 20,000 hectares of property situated in one of the country’s unprotected parts of the rainforest in order to protect the area and its natural wonders. The project will be located somewhere in the buffer zone of the Escalera Mountain Range, relatively close to the Tarapoto airport.

According to a report from, the project called Bosque Guardian will preserve the forest near Tarapoto as well as provide various cabins around a boutique hotel specializing in nature research and conversation.

One of the project’s main highlights is the launch of a bespoke cryptocurrency as a new way to raise funds transparently as well as to encourage reforestation.

“We are in the process of completing our partnership with Chainzilla and Komodo Platform, which is based on Bitcoin. This means that Bosque Guardian is going to issue a token called Guardian Coin,” declared Benavides.

Cryptocurrencies and biodiversity conversation go well together

The main idea of the project is to issue 20,000,000 Guardian Coins with a value of $1 to be sold in various stages. Investors and participants will be provided with the possibility of spending coins at the hotel’s facilities as well as getting drone footage of any sector of the forest.

To build the conservation boutique hotel, the project will be working with Ibuku, one of the best architecture companies in the world when it comes to building with bamboo.

Regarding Chainzilla’s involvement in the project, Charles Gonzales, the company’s CEO declared: “Incubating new markets is a priority, and we have to think outside the box when it comes to conservation because it has become a stale subject. There is a misconception about it being solely non-profit. Bosque Guardian is pioneering a sustainable model of conservation that gets us one step closer to making biodiversity conservation profitable.”

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