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BlockchainDefender, the most recent service from ReputationDefender – the leader in online reputation management – is now available. While ReputationDefender serves customers from a range of industries, BlockchainDefender focuses on those in the blockchain space, allowing for a higher level of customization to meet client needs.

BlockchainDefender provides ICOs, blockchains, exchanges, and the individuals in charge of those entities with access to a range of services. Each service works to ensure a customer’s online reputation is positive, allowing for a strong first impression with anyone who conducts research on them prior to investment or using the exchange. BlockchainDefender feels that companies cannot have an online marketing strategy without an online reputation management component and is here to ensure this is possible.

Services for Creating, Improving, and Maintaining Favourable Reputations

The main goal of BlockchainDefender is improving and maintaining the online reputation of its customers. BlockchainDefender also assists companies without any online presence in building a positive reputation in an organic way that is not penalized by search engine ranking algorithms. BlockchainDefender creates and promotes positive content for customers to make a good first impression. As a bonus, the act of creating a strong online reputation allows customers to overcome the negativity that may later arise.

Thanks to its experience via ReputationDefender, BlockchainDefender can even assist projects with reputations that are not ideal. In this case, the team works to generate and promote more positive search results as a way to naturally displace any unfavorable results.

Assisting All Members of the Blockchain Community

BlockchainDefender focuses its efforts on online reputation management for those in the blockchain community, whether they’re an ICO, exchange, blockchain, or the individual in charge of these things. Each type of customer will gain unique benefits from managing their online reputation. In the case of exchanges, BlockchainDefender’s services can improve the customer’s reputation, which will, in turn, attract more traders to the platform and even encourage additional trades from current traders.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchains will appreciate their improved online reputations which can enhance interest in the project as well as its credibility. This, in turn, will enhance the demand for the project which should lead to an increase in the cryptocurrency’s value. ICOs who utilize BlockchainDefender’s services will be able to take advantage of a strong first impression to attract additional investors or convince the investors who are already interested to increase their contributions. This can help ICOs to reach their funding goals and generate more interest in the project even before it launches.

Finally, individuals who hire BlockchainDefender will be able to represent their project or company in a positive light, inspiring confidence and thereby encouraging investors and participants. BlockchainDefender recognizes that most potential investors in an ICO or blockchain project will first check the reputation of those involved to see whether they have the potential to achieve success.

Services Tailored to the Customers

Regardless of the type of customer that approaches BlockchainDefender, they will receive services that are tailored to their specific needs. These services typically include enhancing brand visibility, expanding global reach, fixing search results, and improving search result suggestions from autocomplete. With this combination of services, BlockchainDefender can assist those in the blockchain world with their online reputation management.

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