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The world’s most famous Bitcoin wallet targets the institutional market. The company released its new service platform: Blockchain Principal Strategies (BPS).

Blockchain Wallet announced yesterday about the release of its new institutional platform dubbed Blockchain Principal Strategies (BPS). In this way, the company aims to offer both investors and organizations with “unparalleled and tailored access to markets, research and services on the most trusted digital asset platform worldwide,” according to the Blog Blockchain.

The company aims to support investors interact with cryptocurrencies via an over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform. As Blockchain explains, the crypto exchange/desk features a “best-in-class matchmaker and direct counterparty to clients, executing trades and managing associated risk.”

Blockchain Principal Strategies also features trading services between “major currencies and digital asset pairs,” which have not been mentioned yet. The company has huge plans in the near future regarding the launch of several products and services.

Peter Smith, Blockchain CEO and co-founder stated that “BPS provides clients the opportunity to invest in digital assets with the same peace of mind and security that has become synonymous with the Blockchain name.

Launching BPS is the first step in our longer-term strategy to execute on that vision. In addition to the BPS platform itself, we will also offer educational and networking opportunities with hopes of creating a broader, well-informed community around digital currencies moving forward,” Breanne Madigan, the company’s head of institutional sales and strategy, said in a statement.

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