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The Blockchain Business Cloud- Kaleido released by ConsenSys in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) seeks to expand its services in Asia Pacific.

ConsenSys, a community of technologists and entrepreneurs who support the development of the decentralized world- launched in 2014, New York, announced on 10th July that its Blockchain Business Cloud known as Kaleido will expand its operations in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The reason is the significant increase in requests for blockchain-based services by businesses as well as governments.

Kaleido is already providing services at AWS’s data centers based in Sydney and Seoul, planning soon to expand to new locations that have not been unveiled yet.

ConsenSys looks to boost trade connectivity

Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud was released in May by ConsenSys in collaboration with Amazon’s AWS. The parent company intends to move its services to APAC in the sense that there are opportunities for improving trade relations between regions, as reported in a statement. The company also indicates that Asia Pacific countries are looking to form a trade consortium, improve the online trading system and expand remittance payments. Blockchain technology is definitely a suitable solution to meet these goals.

Serious investment in enterprise blockchain initiatives across the Asia Pacific is off the charts. Building on our partnership and the significant regional presence with AWS, Kaleido and ConsenSys Solutions APAC are meeting this demand,” Joe Lubin, ConsenSys CEO and Ethereum co-founder, explained.

The Blockchain Business Cloud plans to expand in Asia Pacific have already attracted the attention of Caifeng Gene-based in Shanghai. The company will integrate Kaleido services to bridge with hospitals, “genome sequencing service providers” and pharmaceutical businesses to fight diabetes.

Another contributor is a bank consortium called Project i2i, which plans to integrate financial services into rural areas.

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