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Due to the economic growth of the crypto sector in 2017, the industry is advancing with rapid steps, embracing new sectors. Taking this into consideration, the blockchain-based Civic is working on a beer vending machine that works on the Ethereum blockchain-based network.

The announcement was made during the Consensus 2018 event, which began today and lasts until 16th May 2018. According to Futurism, the “beer vending machine” is not just a model but a ready-to-launch project. It was built in partnership with Anheuser-Busch and claims to operate entirely based on blockchain technology.

Consensus Event

We’ve been thinking about practical ways of bringing crypto technology to a more mainstream audience, and how can we go so so niche that it’s so easy to understand for a regular individual. Proof of age seemed like the best low-hanging fruit,” explained the Marketing Manager of Civic, Titus Capilnean.

600 beers will be shared for free during the conference

During the conference days, 14-16th May 2018, participants have the opportunity to buy a beer from the blockchain-based vending machine according to their preferences, following an age check. According to Civic’s Marketing Manager, the company’s vending machine outperforms the standard models that sell similar products in terms of settings and processing a large volume of records.

In terms of future plans, Capilean sees an opportunity to allow a larger number of customers to buy such products, being in line with the law on purchases made by minors.

It’s not limited to just beer, it could be for any kind of age-restricted product. Unmanned entrance to casinos, and then for the vending machines, we can see this going into concerts, ballgames, venues, conferences,” stated Capilean.

A number of 600 beers will be shared for free during the conference.

At the moment, only one copy of the beer vending machine has been created. Anheuser-Busch has not revealed yet the future plans relating to the launching of other machines. Presumably, partners are just waiting for the feedback during the conference.

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