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Bizarre Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin

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Nov 5, 2018
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As cryptocurrencies become more popular with each passing day, the number of merchants and institutions that accept these types of payments is bound to increase as well. Digital currencies offer merchants and businesses from all over the world (at least in places where cryptocurrencies are not illegal) various benefits over traditional fiat and credit card transactions.

Not only that, but the whole process is arguably more convenient (from a financial point of view) for the buyers as well. Cryptocurrencies act as a gateway to a global decentralized ecosystem where the owners of coins or tokens have complete control and autonomy over their funds and over the way transactions are conducted.

For example, Bitcoin, the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, is so implemented in the mainstream culture that it can be used to buy almost anything you can think of. To prove our point, we created a list with some of the most bizarre things and services you can buy with Bitcoin.

It’s already a known fact that you can buy pizzas with Bitcoin since everyone familiar with Bitcoin’s history surely remembers how a guy once used 10,000 Bitcoins to buy two pizzas. If he had kept the Bitcoins that were worth almost nothing back then, he would be sitting on a couple of hundred millions of dollars right now. Therefore, we are going to skip things like pizza, accommodations, flights, clothes and other types of mainstream products or services, and we’re going to go straight to the weirdest, as follows:

Hitmen and other illegal things

Cryptocurrencies, especially privacy-coins such as Monero, are often associated with illicit activities on the Dark Web. The truth is that this association is not entirely exaggerated since cryptos are now the default monetary tools for cybercriminals.

There have been many stories depicting authorities cracking down on the deep Dark Web markets that presumably offered hitman-like services. The same goes for illegal firearms, exotic animals, drugs, and all sorts of more or less “strange” sexual services. Of course, we won’t list any “official” sources, but it’s worth noting that transactions via Bitcoin are viable for this particular niche of services.

Complete funeral services

Crescent Tide, a funeral business from Minneapolis, USA, had made a lot of headlines when it officially announced that it is accepting Bitcoin (with a 3% discount, mind you). Whether if this proposition will or won’t appeal to millennials is really beside the point, but the fact of the matter is that it is now possible to pay for services such as cremation, burial with funerals, urns, and caskets anonymously using Bitcoin.

Plastic surgery services

Beauty is an important aspect in the lives of a lot of people from all around the globe, and there should be no reason why paying with Bitcoin for plastic surgery services should not be possible. The best example is BodySculpt, a plastic surgery business that wants to appeal to clients who like to keep their anonymity and require procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and other types of specific treatments.

It’s almost common knowledge that the United States has a more or less quirky (let’s called it that) fascination with guns. Anyone who lives in America or has visited the US knows that you can pretty much buy guns anywhere, usually from the same place you buy your food. At the start of 2018, Central Texas Gun Works announced that Bitcoin holders could now buy any type of firearms from their official store without breaking any law.

A night of heavy drinking or just a simple night out

As Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies become an increasingly bigger part of our daily lives, it’s no wonder that you can pretty much pay for any type of service you can think of, dining included. For example, you can use various Bitcoin restaurant aggregators (websites) to find the nearest restaurant or bar to go out and have fun, eat, drink, and simply pay with Bitcoin without ever looking at any type of fiat currency. US citizens, for instance, can use Bitcoin Restaurants to locate the nearest place that accepts Bitcoin payments.

All we can say is: have fun spending your Bitcoin!

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