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Californian parent company Bitwise Asset Management has released three new indexes through its subsidiary Bitwise Index Services.

San Francisco-based Bitwise Index Services has expanded its portfolio of services. With the latest launch, the company’s crypto index offers investors 4 options:

  • 10 Large Cap Crypto Index (ticker: BITX);
  • 20 Mid Cap Crypto Index (ticker: BITW20);
  • 70 Small Cap Crypto Index (ticker: BITW70); and
  • 100 Total Market Crypto Index (ticker: BITW100).

Options are available via financial trading platforms such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Factset, and other data aggregators. In addition to the index funds, Bitwise Index Services is about to establish a new API access.

Our indexes are built from the ground up to respond specifically to the cryptomarket,” claimed Matt Hougan, Global Head of Research.

The methodology draws on best practices from the modern indexing of equities, bonds, commodities, and fiat currencies, and pairs them with crypto-native factors to ensure the indexes are safe and replicable. We believe they are the best representation of the investable cryptoasset market in the world.”

The financial institution Bitwise is also involved in the launch of an index consulting board consisting of Srikant Dash, former Global Head of Indexing for Bloomberg and Managing Director & Global Head of Research at Standard & Poor’s Indices; Spencer Bogart, Partner and Head of Research at Blockchain Capital; and Matt Hougan the Global Head of Research at Bitwise and former CEO of both and Inside ETFs.

One unique thing about Bitwise is the firm’s ability to blend deep, crypto-specific expertise with in-depth knowledge of institutional asset management and indexing,” explained Bogart. “The Bitwise Crypto Index Advisory Board and the family of Bitwise indexes launching today are proof of that.”

Well-constructed indexes and index-linked products are key to the development of efficient investment and risk management in any new asset class,” commented Dash. “I am pleased to help Bitwise bring such tools to the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market.”

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