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Bitcoin Cash continues to be accepted by more and more users and businesses. Bitpay becomes the latest platform that has decided to adopt BCH. Thus, customers will be able to manage payments online through the PoS App using Bitcoin Cash.

The Atlanta-based Bitpay has adapted its “Checkout point-of-sale (PoS)” mobile application to the changes in the crypto market. It seems that Bitcoin Cash is going through a significant increase in terms of traded volume.

Bitcoin Cash support enables BitPay customers to make payments with BCH. This means that customers will be able to generate new payment codes using just a smartphone.

The Checkout point allows users to make payments in crypto assets, following to be valued in more than 150 currencies. The services offered by Bitpay are mainly used by service companies. They use BitPay’s PoS App to manage employee payments and to generate reports on completed operations.

The company was a faithful customer of Bitcoin, following to announce last month the adoption of Bitcoin Cash, which seems to get a larger market share. Since the beginning of April, users have been able to carry out BCH transactions using the company’s Visa card.

New BCH settlement option is coming soon

In addition to the new Checkout updates, Bitpay plans to introduce other features that will improve the payment system. Being asked by loyal users of BitPay services, the company announced that it will add a new option for settlement in crypto assets in the near future, according to the Twitter post. This innovation will allow all users to keep their funds in Bitcoin Cash instead of converting the amount each time into BTC or USD.

One remark is that the new update can’t be used by all types of businesses.

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