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On March 27, major car dealership L’Operaoi from Japan that also imports deluxe automobiles has announced that it will be adding a bitcoin payment option.

L’Operaoi’s Partnership with bitFlyer

The auto dealer has partnered up with the most important crypto exchange in Japan, bitFlyer. This partnership means that the bitcoin payment option will be supported by a trustworthy crypto exchange from the country.

This type of agreement is not the first one for bitFlyer, who has teamed up with a companies that have non-crypto related businesses. In a majority of times, a settlement cap is also set between the two firms for limiting the crypto transaction amount.

Typically, this sum would be between $900 and $2,760. But with this bold move from L’Operaoi will enable their customers to buy with bitcoin cars cost as 100 million yen (about $1 million).

This is a noteworthy move will be closely monitored by many other companies in the auto industry. If this endeavour proves to be fruitful, it could proper the public adoption of cryptocurrencies as payment for high-end merchandise.

Launching a Payment Option

In the initial phase, the payment option will be used at the L’Operaoi dealerships in Aoyama, Setagaya, and Nerima, from Tokyo, Japan.

If this new payment option proves to be successful, it will be expanded to other dealerships in the future.

It was just recently that bitFlyer had their crypto wallet incorporated into important electronics retailers in the country, such as a few Yamada Denki stores and all Bic Camera stores.

The crypto exchange has even been seeking to expand their business into the United States and the European market. They attained a European Union payment institution license in January 2018.

It is obvious that bitFlyer is serious about securing a successful future for their business on the global market.

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