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Bitcoineta is the new program that aims to promote the adoption of Bitcoin on the territory of Argentina and Latin America. The project was launched by the two non-profit organizations: Bitcoin Argentina and Bitcoin Americana.

The promotion campaign consists of a journey along these territories with a minivan bearing the Bitcoin logo. The purpose of this trip is to share with the population the knowledge about the most famous cryptocurrency in the world and to present the benefits it offers.

The campaign started on June 1st

So, the minivan tour on Argentina’s territory has begun. The trip takes place both in villages and small towns. After the tour through Argentina is over, the non-profit organizations hope to start the journey to Latin America as soon as possible.

Bitcoineta is looking to encourage disparate social localities in Bitcoin adoption. Gabriel Kurman, the co-founder of Bitcoineta, stated that: “It’s a dream to bring bitcoin and blockchain technology to Latin America to those people who do not have access to knowledge. The [goal] of ​​Bitcoineta is to reach every small town and city in Argentina, and then the rest of America, teaching people how they can benefit from this technology.

The road transport was purchased and equally equipped by the two organizations. In addition to basic facilities, it also features a projector that will present educational films.

These are the first destinations

The campaign started on June 1st, having as the first destination a small location named Chascomús. The following Bitcoineta’s destinations include “Las Toninas, Tandil, Necochea, Tres Arrollos, Villa Ventana, Bahía Blanca, Pergamino, Junín, Chacabuco and Chivilcoy in Buenos Aires, and various destinations in the provinces of La Pampa, Santa Fe, and Córdoba”.

The project has received numerous appreciations. The university professor at the National Technological University of Argentina, Julian Drangosc expressed his view, stating that: “The first times you hear about these technologies, it is difficult to understand all the implications that you have today and in the future, and to start sowing this blockchain seed in the different communities will allow us to collect the fruits in a few years.

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