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Source: Markets Insider

The price of the most discussed cryptocurrency in the world is in a continuous fluctuation. There are many predictions about the future of Bitcoin, but no one can say for sure how the crypto market will influence the evolution of currencies.

This morning, 18th April 2018, the price for 1 BTC has raised by 3% in just 5 minutes, from $ 7,882 to $ 8,073, according to Markets Insider. Approximatively one week ago, the Bitcoin’s price hit $ 6,000, while at the time of writing this article, you could trade 1 BTC for $ 8,111.60.

Source: Markets Insider

The rapid rise in prices took place between 7:45 AM GMT and 7:50 AM GMT. Currently, no reliable data on the cause of this impressive evolution is known. Some analysts say these changes are due to finishing the U.S. Crypto Tax Day. However, according to the US time zone, the moment at which the value’s growth took place corresponds to the night time.

A similar change took place on Tuesday in a contrary direction, the Bitcoin‘s price dropping 2% in just a few minutes.

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