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Bitcoin GOLD Review: What You Should Know About It

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Jan 11, 2018
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About Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold is a new cryptocurrency designed by Jack Liao, a mining enterpriser based in Hong Kong. The currency is a clone of Bitcoin. If you own 1 BTC, you can exchange it for 1 BTG. The creator designed this currency with the purpose of becoming a better one than the Bitcoin version. The project was launched in November 2017 on the global marketplace and is ready to grow a new coin generation.

Why is Bitcoin Gold a better version of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Gold it’s supposed to be a different version of the well-known Bitcoin. If you own Bitcoins, the company will exchange them automatically in Bitcoins Gold, the value is the same. What differs? You will benefit of stronger security, which means no worries about inconveniences. Also, its base algorithm presumes that you will mine faster than the old version of Bitcoin.

Anyway, to get your Bitcoins Gold, you will need to create a different wallet, which has the same key as Bitcoin, but the rules impose you to execute them. Be careful regarding your private key because it will give you the benefits you are waiting for.

Innovation implemented by Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold’s innovative element is the new algorithm called Equihash. This one has a bigger hard memory and higher security. The algorithm permits ordinary users to have access to pool miners. So, there will not mine only professionals but also users with lower personal computer power.

The Advantages of Bitcoin Gold

– Bitcoin Gold is predicted to be more decentralized than the Bitcoin version. The creator has developed an algorithm that permits not only to those big miners to process the data, but also to smaller or beginner miners. The software is also available to more miners. It is designed to be easier to use than Bitcoin;

– Bitcoin Gold has a different hardware than Bitcoin. The new version promises us to mine faster with a higher security;

– It is more accessible for ordinary users;

– For miners who own Bitcoin, you should remember that you will not lose your amount. The developers will exchange them in Bitcoin Gold for you with the same amount;

– The transaction process remains to be the same as for Bitcoin.

The Disadvantages of Bitcoin Gold

– Unfortunately, there aren’t so much information about the new version of Bitcoin. The project is fresh launched and we still do not know how it will truly work for our advantage. The existing users of Bitcoin are ready to try something new if this will not damage their balance account;

– Is not so difficult to get Bitcoin Gold. You need to create a new wallet which has the same private key. For Bitcoin miners it seems to be unclear about their instantly exchange in Bitcoins Gold.


Bitcoin Gold is just another version of Bitcoin. It has produced some changes in the system for sure, but you should not worry about your money. Your balance account is safe. To stay tuned for updates, follow Bitcoin Gold‘s official website.

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