Bitcoin – Friendly Places in Brazil

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Oct 4, 2017
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Brazil certainly has a list of many shops that are Bitcoin-friendly. Whether they are small-scale or large-scale businesses, everyone wants to move forward from a technological point of view.

Given this, in order to ease your visit to Brazil, we have prepared a top of the Bitcoin-accepting stores in this country.


This is one of the largest construction firms in Brazil. Those who choose to make the first payment in Bitcoins will receive a 5% discount.
Currently, this company only accepts the first payment to be in bitcoins. The maximum amount will be BRL 100,000.

Las Magrelas

Las Magrelas is a bicycle shop integrated in a bar. He is the first to receive Bitcoin payments in Latin America in 2013.


Webtronico sells different parts used in robotics or electronics projects. It’s among the first online businesses of this type who accept bitcoins.

Buy some popcorn

Yes, you read it right. More recently, in Brazil, you can buy popcorn with bitcoins. This was noticed on a kiosk belonging to Sr Pipoca.

However, many people are thinking about the waiting time. How would you like to buy some popcorn and wait 20 minutes for it? Nevermind, though. Let’s hope we don’t have to deal with it. This is still a step forward!

Nobile Plaza Hotel

If you are looking for accommodation in the capital of Brazil, the Nobile Hotel Plaza can help you. Besides the quality services offered to the clients, this hotel also accepts the payment in Bitcoins. You can find the public key and more details on their website.

This is an online store from where you can buy everything. You can start from buying stuff for your car, to purchasing video-cameras, e-ciggarettes, Apple products or sports products. Here you can find everything you need and you can pay for them with Bitcoins!

Imperius Food

Of course, once you get to Brazil’s capital, you also need a good place to eat and be Bitcoin-friendly. We recommend Imperius Food, which has all the delicacies for your taste!

Metrô Brasília

If you choose this mode of transport in Brasilia, then you are lucky! You can “walk around” and choose to pay with digital coins!

These are only some of the businesses that accept payment with Bitcoins in Brazil. Something is for sure: whether it’s an online store, a restaurant or a subway trip, everything around us starts to spin around Bitcoin.

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