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Today Binance announced the that it will be offering from now on support for DENT. DENT coin is one of the less popular coins that are circulating in the crypto-world. Regardless of its less significant position, the coin experienced a noticeable increase after its listing on Binance.

The post made by Binance on their official website read:

“Binance will open trading for DENT/BTC and DENT/ETH trading pairs at 2018/07/06 7:00 AM (UTC). You can start depositing DENT now.”

Binance makes available to its users two trading pairs DENT/BTC and DENT/ETH respectively. As it can be noticed in coinmarketcap charts, DENT began the day of 6th July with no growth tendencies. The coin kept its rectilinear tendency in its charts, experiencing just a few minor fluctuations until the announcement.

When the announcement was posted, the coin slowly started seeing a rise in value. Just 9 hours after the listing, the coin displays an increase of 148% in its 24-hour cap while the hourly cap runs green with a 35% rise.

On 5th July, DENT’s market cap was $37,663,900 and on 6th July it reached $86,123,075. This shows a growth of $48,459,175, being twice as much as it was 12 hours ago.

DENT coin was created by DENT Wireless Limited as a way of repurposing data, and to establish an open global marketplace where mobile data can be bought and sold. It aims to create the world’s first mobile data exchange and disrupt the Telco industries in the process.

At press time, DENT had a market cap of $84 million, which is worth nearly 12,899 Bitcoin [BTC].

The coin is currently trading at a value of $0.007537, which has grown from $0.003004 in 24 hours. DENT has also increased in ranks, currently situated itself at the 124th position.

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