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BestChange.Com: Exchange Cryptocurrencies, Fiat, and E-Currencies with Ease!

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Mar 4, 2022
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The number of exchanges in the crypto space has exploded. With each year passing, new exchanges enter into the space to enable traders/customers change swap one currency for the other swiftly. However, most of these exchanges don’t seem like what they preach and have some unresolved issues.

First, many exchanges have complicated interface that makes it difficult for newbies to use them. Second, the verification process is so arduous that users barely get past the first stage. In addition, some exchanges lack many e-currencies and rare tokens, which pushes users to search for exchangers. Plus, some of them are fraudulent.

Given the lack of verifiable tools, it isn’t easy for users to identify the correct exchange. Plus, finding a reliable and profitable offer amongst exchanges is herculean. The solution to these pressing issues is to use exchange monitors, such as

What Is aggregates different reliable and trusted exchangers on the website. It offers a solution to users, where they can buy/sell and exchange dozens of popular cryptocurrencies and e-currencies using debit/credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) and various payment systems. Since the website comprises different exchangers, users can choose the most convenient option. has a monitor that showcases different crypto exchange offers handpicked explicitly by the website as a crypto aggregator. The good thing about the website is its intuitiveness so that beginners can navigate various offers and other functionalities with ease.

The platform is security-conscious. It carries out due diligence to make sure that only reliable crypto exchangers come on board, filtering out fraudulent sites and exchangers with low liquidity in the process. Exchangers with low ratings are excluded to protect the user and eliminate the risks of losing funds.

It’s important to note that only offers informational services and isn’t liable for third-party exchange instruments. In addition, it maintains a 100% anonymity. Most of the exchangers require no personal information from customers. However, you may be asked to authenticate your bank card.

Features of


This is where cryptocurrencies are swapped. The user can view all the exchangers in the Exchanger Tab and get information about their rates, reserves, etc. Besides finding the rates, users can see client reviews and other relevant details on the exchanger, such as the trading volume.


The Calculator Portal shows the number of assets a user can receive at that moment based on their crypto offer, as seen on the aggregator. It shows the prices of assets and the commissions to receive. The information may include the commission from the exchange.


Traders can set up a notification to get information about available orders. For example, if BTC hits a new all-time price, the trader would get notified through Telegram. This way, the user doesn’t miss out on any essential updates.

Double Exchange

Selecting this option allows you to convert a currency across two different exchangers. If the currency to be converted to isn’t among the list of available options, you can exchange it to another currency before converting it to the expected asset. For instance, if exchanging BTC to EUR isn’t available, you can convert it to USDT, and then EUR.

How Does the Exchange Platform Work?

As you already know, pools a list of trusted exchangers to satisfy users’ needs. The monitor displays the rates in a tabular form, located at the left part of the monitor. The table has two separate columns – Give and Get.

The first column, Give, is for traders who want to sell their currency, whether crypto, fiat, or e-currency. The second column is reserved for those who want to buy. When the user makes their choice, a trading pair is created. Then, a list of exchange rates from different exchangers appears on the monitor’s right side. From there, you can choose the best offer.

You can also earn money lucratively with the platform by participating in the affiliate program. As an affiliate, you get the opportunity to make 65 cents for every trader that comes onboard using your referral link. You can also earn free satoshis every hour for registering your BTC wallet in the faucet.

As of this writing, BestChange supports multiple digital currencies, including the popular BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, USDT, etc., and fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP. It also supports several payment options, such as PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, wire transfers, etc.


Since its emergence, BestChange has become a valuable tool for traders that pay and remit in digital currencies. It offers the best rates, has an intuitive user interface, and has a superbly fast withdrawal system. Above all, it’s secure.

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