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Best Crypto Memes of All Time

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Jun 21, 2020
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Memes are an integral part of the crypto community, they have made us laugh when the markets plunged and kept trader’s spirits up while they were waiting for their crypto assets to catch that next bull run.

With popular image macros used in tandem with inside terms, such as “HODL” “moon” and “Lambos,” these crypto memes made many crypto enthusiasts laugh while leaving outsiders extremely confused.

Here are some of the funniest crypto memes that we could conjure up from the depths of the internet in hopes that they will get a giggle out of weary traders:

1. Diversify, diversify, and diversify! Always diversify your portfolio! And be sure to put some scalable eggs in there as well.

Crypto Bunny Meme

2. Jesus was not having it. And Caesar was not going to have his Bitcoin.

Jesus was not having it. And Caesar was not going to have his Bitcoin

3. What March 12th felt for the crypto markets. Sometimes they crash so hard it can seem impossible to get up.

Crypto Markets Meme

4. All ICOs come with brazen plans and projects, and everything they promise in their whitepaper looks shiny and dazzling, but when the main net launches, usually, it is a very… unappetizing event. (I would still eat that cheeseburger regardless)

Crypto Cheeseburger Meme

5. “The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.”

“We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.”- Bob Ross quotes that apply even in trading.

Bob ross art, Bob ross ...

6. Only Harold’s grimace can perfectly convey the stress of the following ups and downs of the crypto market. As a crypto trader, premature aging comes with the territory.

Harold's grimace Meme

7. While most of us are not ballerinas, we can still get that perfect balance between our crypto investments and savings. It takes some time to master it, though.

Cryptocurrency Balance

8. There are many scams in the crypto world, and it is normal that we would want our relatives not to lose their money this way. Hopefully, you won’t need an American Chopper – Style family argument to deter them from making bad investments.

American Chopper - Style family argument to deter them from making bad investments

9. Everyone that has some basic knowledge of trading knows to buy the rumor and sell the news. But sometimes you can go full Bad Luck Brian.

Bad Luck Brian

10. Dips are nice. For tortillas, nachos, and even bitcoin. Buying BTC at a lower price, and seeing it go up again is a rather tasty experience.

Bitcoin Buy the Dip - meme

11. Explaining to your non-tech friends the ins and outs of blockchain technology can get messy. Only Charlie could embody the chaos most people see when someone starts getting into Bitcoin in great detail.

Bitcoin Meme

12. With thousands of projects on the market, it is quite easy to understand why so many see ICOs as failed investment opportunities.

13. No meme list would be complete without the one with the awkward handshake from The Office. And yes, tracking cryptos can condense time and space and teleport you to the future – usually at the end of your work schedule.

Work Crypto Meme

14. While some are generally into Bitcoin for the tech behind it, it would be nice to make some profits while you’re at it. The Bitcoin life does not necessarily demand such a flashy fashion sense.

Bitcoiners be Like

15. Ah, price fluctuations. A 9-second coma can seem too much for some traders, as in a blink of an eye, Bitcoin might lose or gain hundreds of dollars.

16. No trade is a bad trade when pizzas are involved. Unless they’re with pineapple. Then it’s a very bad trade.

Bitcoin Pizza Meme

17. When your crypto OCD just cannot be contained

When your crypto OCD just cannot be contained

18. Bitcoins are addicting

Bitcoins are addicting

19. The principle of learning: No Pains, No Gains.

The principle of learning: No Pains, No Gains

20. NVIDIA price why u no go down??!!?

20. NVIDIA price why u no go down??!!?

With this, we end our list of glorious memes that have entertained even the most disenchanted of traders during tough market times. And remember, no matter what happens, chin up to the moon!

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