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Best Casino Finance Jobs

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Sep 25, 2020
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The gambling industry has had incredible developments in the recent past. In the UK, for example, the industry generates 2.3 billion towards the GDP. What’s more, is that the industry supports around 40,000 jobs. Interestingly, these stats are expected to go up with the rise of online gambling i.e., online casinos.

In essence, this means there is a great demand for professionals to join the sector. Are you looking for a career in the gambling industry? Are you worried that casinos don’t pay that much? Here are some of the best casino finance jobs that should get you sending that application. 


Internal Auditor

This is one of the lucrative finance jobs in the casino industry. The main duties of an auditor include managing data from casino operations, checking for failures of compliances, or fraud. The auditor also ensures taxes are properly calculated and remitted, and that all regulatory controls are followed. To become an internal auditor in a casino, you must have a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or any other related subject. You might also be required to have an internal auditor or a certified public accountants certificate. On average internal auditors earn 46,550.99 euros per year, but it can rise as high as 67,000 euros with bonuses.

Junior Accountant

If you do qualify for the top finance jobs, you can go for a junior accounting position. Depending on the casino, you can go home with £30,000 – £40,000 a year in this position. Responsibilities for this position include posting and processing journal entries to ensure all business transactions are recorded, reviewing expenses and payroll records, updating financial data in databases, and preparing and submitting weekly/monthly reports. To qualify for the position, you will need a BSc/Ba in accounting, finance, or relevant field.

Casino Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

This is another lucrative casino finance job. As a financial planning and analysis manager, you will be required to: manage and develop operational and financial models to forecast financial results; lead and oversee the operating segment through operating cycles; and oversee the financial modeling and analysis support of capital management in the casino. Additionally, you will handle all the vendor-related opportunities and business development opportunities. To get the job you need a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting, good experience of financial planning and analysis. The pay is around 70,000 euros per year. 

Slots Manager

As a slot operation manager, you’re responsible for all the activities in the slot department. For example, you will need to approve jackpot and credit payouts and ensure all the appropriate forms are completed. It’s your job to ensure compliance with federal and state gaming regulations. On average, shift managers receive roughly 42,215.25 euros and can rise to more than 59,101.35 euros. 


Cage Teller

Do you have a diploma in Banking with a minimum of one-year high volume, large dollar value cash handling experience? If you do then you might want to apply for a cage teller position in a casino near you. You will be responsible and accountable for all chip and cash funds, expected to keep a record of credit and cash advance transactions. Other responsibilities include checking markers for player’s up-to a pre-approved credit limit by way of computer. 

According to statistics, cage cashiers go with an average of 28,000 euros – 36,000 per annum

Head of Fraud and Payment

The main role of a fraud and payment manager is to build a robust fraud strategy and smooth payment process for customers in the casino. Other responsibilities include management of all types of fraud including payment fraud, bonus abuse, affiliate fraud, and multi-accounting. You will also maintain the procedures for financial transaction checks, including information on withdrawals. The job also requires you to recruit and train staff on fraud and risk matters. If you have a bachelor’s degree in data science, finance, or accounting with experience in fraud strategy, fraud prevention, and methodology, you can look out for such a position. 

Casino Finance Manager

A casino finance manager is another lucrative job in the gambling industry. The job requires a degree in accounting and the ability to create, read, and understand spreadsheets. You will also need to have analytical thought processes with significant mathematical and statistical aptitude. The job requires you to develop internal controls that adequately safeguard the company’s assets and ensure revenue is properly recorded and documented. You’ll also be responsible for directing the operation of the cage, count room, payroll, and income audit department. A casino finance manager also controls the storage of gaming-related records and forms.

The salary for this position is estimated to be 80,000 euros per year inclusive of bonuses. 

Wrap Up

From the above discussion, it is quite evident that there are great career opportunities in the gambling industry. If you have a background in finance, these are just some of the opportunities to look out for in that casino near you. Keep in mind that the industry is expected to grow immensely following the sprout of online gambling platforms i.e. online casinos. 

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