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Best Bitcoin Games of 2017

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Nov 1, 2017
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Now, more and more people want to make as much money as possible, especially digital ones. What solutions do you have to earn money? You play!

You can choose to play with real or fake Bitcoins. Considering this and how many of you are looking for such games, we’ve prepared below 5 of the best Bitcoin games!

Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire is a game in which you basically have to tap the screen, to improve your mining office and become a Billionaire Bitcoin! You are also able to buy and sell VIRTUAL, not real Bitcoin.
It’s a very fun game, especially given that you can unlock your achievements just by “being awesome”.


Sarutobi is a game with a monkey flying from one vine to another, collecting coins and bananas. If you want more power-ups, you have to buy them with bananas.

Throughout the game, you accumulate many coins and at the end of the month they are converted into Bitcoins. The more you advance, the more difficult the game gets. But at least you win something from it, right?

Blockchain Game

In this game, Blockchain Game, all you have to do is build blocks. The game is based on earned money from ads. A part of this money comes to players according to their time spent on Blockchain Game.


Have you ever heard of Flappy Bird? Well, this one is almost like it, the difference is that you’re playing with a pig. BitLanders created Foo (the name of the pig) and the game is completely free.

You just have to take care of Foo not to fly into any objects, to accumulate as many coins as you can and you can earn real Bitcoins!

Start playing FlapPig on your Android device

Bitcoin Fighter

Bitcoin Fighter is a another Bitcoin game that has two characters fighting for a prize (in BTC). The app is free and you can earn real money from it!

These were our ideas for those who want to play in their free time and also to earn money from it (real or not). If you have any other suggestions, we gladly want to find out!

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