Best Bitcoin Faucets 2017

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There are people who probably want to win Bitcoins but they don’t know exactly how to do it. This is why there are Bitcoin Faucets – the easiest way to win Bitcoins instantly.

What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin Faucets are systems that instantly donate Bitcoin non-stop in order to collect them in your wallet.  Usually, these money-making programs, with pay-per-click or pay-per-survey have limited “awards”, but with Bitcoin faucets you can ask for how much you want. However, the amount you will earn will depend on a strategic plan.

Best Bitcoin Faucets

If you are interested in winning Bitcoins with little effort, we’ve prepared below Best Bitcoin Faucets of 2017:


As they state on their website, you are able to win up to $200 USD in Bitcoins. The only thing you have to do is to play HI-LO, and this also signs you up to win jackpots up to one Bitcoin! By now, there are already almost 9 m. users, which played up to 55 bln. of games and won 125k of Bitcoins. That’s great!

The minimum claim per visit is 0.000005B and the maximum claim is 1.000B. You can visit it again in one hour, and the payout is made weekly on your Bitcoin Wallet (the minimum payout is 0.0001B). Moreover, the referral commission is 50%, so what are you waiting for?

Sign up on their website

BTC clicks

As well as the title says, your earnings depend on the number of your ad-clicks. So, you can earn up to 0.00072 mBTC per click, and your referral / affiliate click earnings are up to 0.00058 mBTC. Also, the commission is between 40% and 80%.

The allowed claim per visit is between 0.000005B and 0.000015B, and you can’t revisit. The payout is whenever you want, but the minimum amount is 0.000010B.

Find out more from their official website


We found out from their website that anyone who wants to earn free Bitcoins, they can easily do it just by viewing their ads, promoting their services, playing different games or completing the tasks they’re given. Of course, and many more things!

The amount of earnings from their affiliate program depends on your type of membership: 60% for free members, 150% for gold members and 50% for all members. Also, you can claim per visit between 0.0000010B and 0.000500B, and you can do it every 30 minutes. The payout is made on your Bitcoin wallet or Micro Wallet, on request, and the minimum value is 0.000010B.

Visit their website to find out more


This website is also based on clicks per ads. So, if you’re thinking about making an account on their platform, you can earn up to 0.00110 mBTC per click! They also have bonuses for referrals ranging from 60% to 100%.

The value you can claim per visit must be between 0.0000010B and 0.0000300B, the payout (minimum 0.000040B) is on request but there are no revisiting possibilities.

Join CoinBulb NOW

Bit Fun

Yes, this Bitcoin faucet, as the name calls it, is mostly fun. Therefore, if you want to win Bitcoins for free, all you have to do is play different games like Cut the Rope, King of Thieves or Tentrix and many more – free games. Also, if you’re feeling lucky, you also have the chance to win from gambling through Fun Dice – a game where you can risk and put your winnings “on the table”!

The amount you can claim per visit has to be between 0.000003B and 0.00005B, you can revisit each 15 minutes and you can earn up to 50% from referral commission. You can take your payout (minimum 0.0001B) when you reach threshold.

Click here to join Bit Fun

Bonus Bitcoin

This bitcoin faucet is free for its users and offers them the possibility to earn up to 5,000 satoshi for free, every 15 minutes. Moreover, they are also rewarded at the end of the “work” day, with another 5% of the total of the previous day’s earnings.

As far as bonuses for referrals are concerned, they can earn lifetime commissions of up to 50%. Any withdrawal can be made at any time upon request.

Read more about Bonus Bitcoin from their website


VeryClix is another Bitcoin Faucet that gives you the chance to win Bitcoins by viewing some advertisements. You don’t need to deposit anything, it’s free to sign up and you can earn up to 50% from every person you refer.

The amount of BTC you can claim per visit must be between 0.0000005B and 0.00001B, but you can revisit every 5 minutes. The minimum payout is 0.00001B and it can be made on request.

Check it out NOW

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is a Bitcoin faucet which lets you claim your money whenever you want. You’ll gradually fill up the faucet (the difficulty will grow progressively) until you are able to make a claim. Therefore, the more you stay, the more money you’ll have to claim. However, there is a minimum wait of 5 minutes per account/IP address.

Per visit, you are able to claim between 0.000002B and 0.000005B, the payout is instant and it has a limit of minimum 0.000055B. You can also earn Bitcoin from referral commission – 50% per person.

Start using Moon Bitcoin HERE


This is out list of Best Bitcoin Faucets from 2017. They sure won’t make you rich, but they are always a good idea for those who want to earn some free digital coins!

If you have any more ideas or suggestions, just tell us!



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