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Best Bitcoin Apps of 2017

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Oct 28, 2017
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Since Bitcoin has reached a global level and many people use it, applications have also emerged. Why? Because there are many people who are always on the run and have no time for anything.
Therefore, these applications want to help those in need. We have prepared below 15 of the best Bitcoin apps that you can find on the market:


This is one of the most used Bitcoin applications. It allows bitcoin users to communicate via messages with different people or groups, sell certain amounts of BTC, and buy other bitcoins in their turn.

Gliph is both a mobile application and a desktop application. Probably is one of the safest applications to better develop the market of cryptocurrency!

Coin ATM Radar

Coin ATM Radar is basically an ATM for Bitcoin coins. It works great on both iOS and Android operating systems, so no matter what phone you have, you have the map with you!

In addition to showing you what ATMs are around you, it also gives you different details about them, such as the amount of money you can withdraw, the type of ATM or the charges it entails.

Coin ATM Radar includes many types of ATM’s, including Lamassu, GeneralBytes, Genesis Coin, BitAccess, Robocoin or SkyHook. Of course, they will cover even more in the future!

Check it out

Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro is an application that tracks, besides Bitcoin, over 100 digital coins at the same time. This is very useful for many people who invest Bitcoins and work with them most of the time. Any change in the value of digital coins is essential to many of crypto investors.

This app offers you the ability to use it on Apple watch as well, making everything easier. You can see real-time coin prices and you can receive different news and alerts.


We’ve gladly told you about Coinbase several times, if you are interested in knowing more details about it, you can also check out our previous articles! Read about our Top & Best Bitcoin Wallets 2017!

Coinbase is definitely a huge company, reaching millions of users in just 5 years (from its founding) and covering over 190 countries around the world. This is an application for both Ethereum (more recently) and Bitcoin. It gives you the opportunity to sell digital coins, to buy and to store them on your wallet! It offers you real-time charts, any price alerts, user support and many other amazing features.


Mycelium was created and developed with the help of GitHub, and is an application that helps you trade Bitcoins with your phone.

It is a bit more complicated than other phone applications used to exchange bitcoins, so it’s only recommended to more advanced users from this domain. Thanks to it, you can manage all of your transactions with accuracy.


Xapo is a mobile app, created especially for the Android operating system. It uses both Bitcoin and other coins, offering you an option for wallet.
With its help, you can send and receive money, and you can convert them to all the world currencies.

Bitcoin Checker

Bitcoin Checker is the perfect solution for those who want to monitor real-time prices of all cryptocurrencies. With its help, you will notice any price changes in your notifications.

This application has a user-friendly interface, is very easy to use, is simplistic but at the same time offers the best features! These include: the ability to track any virtual currency, multiple alarm with different alert conditions, a home / lock screen widget and many more that you can find.

Bitcoin Price IQ

Bitcoin Price IQ is almost like Bitcoin Checker, and it becomes one of the most used apps of this type for cryptocurrencies. It primarily provides Bitcoin information, but also includes many other currencies.

You can see the value of a coin compared to others, and you can choose to receive different charts and alerts!

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

Bitcoin Ticker Widget is the fastest solution for viewing Bitcoin’s value in real time. Of course, besides Bitcoin, the application also includes other cryptocurrencies that you can track directly from your home screen.

Bitcoin Map

Bitcoin Map is an application that helps you see all the companies in your area that are using Bitcoin. It works with OpenStreetMap, and Google Maps to provide the most accurate data for you.

Bitcoin Map is an application for those using Android and is bursting to have more than 4 stars!


Spare is an application that lets you convert Bitcoins into cash in the shortest possible time. All you need to do is go to an ATM, ask for cash, get a barcode and use it at a nearby business.

The shop keeper will then scan your code and give you cash in exchange. Everything is that simple!


Circle is another Bitcoin exchange app that lets you buy, sell, access and convert your Bitcoins into other currencies. All of this on your mobile phone! They say that there are no limits on how much you send, receive or cash out, and they also offer support for their services!


Blockchain is one of the safest wallet applications. Thanks to it, you can receive and send Bitcoins, you can track your transactions and have access to many other currencies!

This app offers you a simple and safe way to store your Bitcoins, and it has a user-friendly interface that will only make your life happier!


zTrader is one of the largest Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange applications, and lets you trade hundreds of coins.
It has a very secure and easy-to-use interface, with a 92% rating approval from all of its users on Google Play.  As they say on their app, zTrader provides you with a news feed, with different price alerts and percentage alerts, various charts and a very secure encrypted storage for any of your API keys.

Read more about its features

Bitcoin Paranoid

Bitcoin Paranoid may seem like a funny app because of name it’s wearing, but is very useful for paranoids. Considering the difference between Bitcoin’s prices lately, I think more and more people have become bitcoin paranoids.

As it says in the description of the app on Google Play, this app keeps Bitcoin’s price in the notification bar, it’s not a widget or an app that you can open and check the prices.

This is our top 15 of the best Android and iOS apps for 2017. We recommend that you try each one of them, and if you have any other suggestions, please send them to us!

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