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The Belgian government seeks to use blockchain technology to set up a management plan for forest areas.

The Belgian Agency for Nature and Forests believes that blockchain technology is capable of developing a favorable forest management system.

Frequently, blockchain is used for financial and technological purposes. Still, companies from such domains as education, healthcare, and logistics record a rising interest rate. The advanced technology has already established a notoriety in the global market as a necessary software tool regardless of the company’s field of activity.

Here’s what Marleen Evenepoel, CEO of the Agency for Nature and Forests stated:

At the end of last year the regulations for nature management were renewed. Previously, only the government and a number of recognized organizations could draw up a management plan for a nature reserve or forest. Now all individuals, associations or companies can do that. They have to meet certain conditions and follow the standard processes, for example for applying for subsidies. These processes easily take a few months and are sometimes very complex.”

The agency will launch its blockchain-based platform

In this way, the agency has the green light to design its own management plan by exploring the blockchain-based possibilities. Remarkably, the Belgian Agency for Nature and Forests will launch this fall its first blockchain- based platform.

According to a report, organizations that plan to launch related projects have the possibility to receive subsidies. “Everyone has their own map of the area for which the management plan is drawn up and that can lead to discussions. With this tool we help the problem out of the world. There is a card that can not be questioned. There is now a framework for everyone who wants to draw up such a management plan,” Barbara Van Den Haute, administrator-general at the Flanders Information Agency, explained.

By using advanced technology, the agency hopes to help nature and forests areas in Belgium.

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