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Australia is becoming the next country in the world to launch an online course about the blockchain technology. The Research University RMIT was impressed by this system and decided to change the way people analyze it.

The idea came due to the growing number of people interested in the crypto technology. The course will be officially launched in March 2019 and will last 8 weeks. The developers entitled it as the “Developing Blockchain Strategy”.

The course is a team project. Besides the University RMIT, there are working side by side the Asian FinTech hub Stone & Chalk and Accenture.

The Vice Chancellor of the University RMIT, Martin Bean stated that Blockchain is now becoming a core part of contemporary digital literacy and we’re delighted to offer an industry-focused program”.

The importance of the crypto technology is getting bigger. Thus, many investors risk a lot to take advantage of the benefits resulting from this system. In the view of coordinators from the RMIT University, students have a higher sensitivity related to the way that crypto algorithms are developed. They represent a strong potential market in the future, that’s why investing in them is desirable. Of course, anyone will be allowed to attend this course, but the students were the target from which the project started.

The Manager of Stone & Chalk Melbourne Alan Tsen added that “There is a real demand for Blockchain training and a skills gap in the market that needs to be addressed”.

Will you have to pay for the course?

Unfortunately for some of you- yes, you will need to! For an entry-level you will need to pay 1.500 AUS Dollars (around 1.185 US Dollars) and will be available for everyone interested in how the blockchain technology works across the industries.

The RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub claimed that We’ve built this course with companies that understand blockchain. We’ll start with the blockchain fundamentals, then use them to develop real-world business strategies.”

This is a huge step forward for the Australia’s industry. The blockchain system is supposed to grow higher than now. That’s why, every project related to this technology will educate the potential investors about all the benefits and consequences that may appear in the future.

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