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The first platform in the world to provide Smart Contracts for retirement-based plans has launched the official Alpha Platform on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet.

Auctus, the world’s first network to personalize the retirement portfolios, based on fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrency has improved its platform and lift to another level- Auctus Alpha.

According to the company’s website, the Auctus Alpha Platformfocuses on limited use cases: Robo and Human advisor portfolio recommendations”.

Auctus Alpha’s features

The newly platform tends to modernize the way of selecting the options that customers prefer to choose in terms of retirement portfolios. They are free to decide according to their preferences and needs between the recommendations made available by the community of financial experts or the recommendations proposed by a robot-advisor.

The Chief Technology Officer at Auctus stated that “We are very thrilled the way things are currently going. The released platform allows us to get market feedback from our worldwide community. All gathered feedback will be evaluated with the team, our advisors and lawyers and subsequently we will lay out the strategy four our beta release, which will be on Ethereum mainnet.”.

Financial Experts

They can earn AUC tokens by offering advices, specialty newsletters, recommendation portfolios, telephonic support or live via social media.

Anyone can access expert recommendations using a messaging app. They will pay with AUC tokens only if the predictions are fulfilled.

Robo- Advisors

According to Auctus’ website, the third party Robo- Advisors will be able to earn AUC tokens by distributing investment strategies. Customers can access these strategies by using information on a blockchain-based system. All transactions of crypto tokens are realized through Smart Contracts and Ethereum blockchain.

Auctus’ partnerships

The Auctus Platform has recently enjoyed numerous crypto-based partnerships, being an active member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Multichain Asset Manager Association. They are also renowned and appreciated for maintaining a powerful and private token system.

Being the “world’s first retirement plan platform with traditional and cryptocurrency assets, powered by smart contracts & robo advisory”, Auctus has attracted the attention of numerous investors and clients on the services offered by the company. Thus, the Auctus Alpha Platform became another important subject tot discuss about.

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