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Great news! It seems that the interest in digital coins is starting to grow considerably from the economies we did not expect. Armenia is the new country to be distinguished by significant investments made in the development of the country’s economy.

Armenia will launch a mining center

Armenia will become the next country that lifts the crypto mining process to another level. A large mining center is preparing to be launch this year, which is supposed to have a 50 MW capacity and a potential one of 200 MW.

The energy provider is called Razdanskaya thermal power plant.

The center is planned to start mining in April 2018. Until then, developers are testing any possibility of its functionality. This new achievement will allow to control the infrastructure in Armenia needed to develop the blockchain technologies.

Armenia Blockchain Forum supposes that through this investment, the company will create between 250-300 well-paid jobs, and attract $ 120 million from foreign investors.

What coins will be mined?

The mining farm will be properly equipped to handle both Bitcoins and altcoins.

What do you think about Armenia’s investment in crypto mining farm?

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