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Are Casino Bonuses Really Benefiting Players?

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Oct 4, 2019
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Just like everything in life, in the world of casino bonuses, some are good, some are not so great. But, how do you tell a good bonus from a bad one?

Fear, not my friend, all these questions and more shall be answered here. We’ll delve into all the gritty details associated with casino bonuses to find out if they are providing any benefit to casino players.

What is a Casino Bonus?

First up, let us take a look at what a casino bonus actually is. There are different forms of bonuses but essentially it’s something that is offered to players at an online casino as an incentive to play there or play more.

Players might get some extra ‘bonus’ cash, free spins, cashback another form of incentive when they make a deposit or play a specific slot.

Here are the different types of casino bonuses around right now:

Deposit Bonus

Players will get a bonus in the form of cash or free spins when they make a deposit of funds into their casino bankroll. A minimum and maximum deposit amount might apply for this type of offer to be valid, this will always be stated in the terms of the offer.

Cash Match Bonus

An offer might state something like ‘100% up to £/$100 Bonus’. This means that the casino will match your deposit up to £/$100 with some lovely bonus cash. So, if you deposit £/$100 then they will give you an extra £/$100 to play with as bonus cash.

No Deposit Bonus

This is when the casino will give you some bonus cash just for opening or having an account. As the name suggests, you don’t need to deposit anything to claim this bonus. It’s often given to new players to entice them to sign up at a specific casino. It might be that the bonus cash can only be used on specific slots or table games.

Free Spins

Players might be able to bag some free spins from an online casino for being a new or existing customer. Sometimes a deposit is required to trigger them but not always. They can be offered to existing players to entice them back after not playing at a casino for a while. Very often the spins are of a set value and can only on a specific slot game which the casino wants to promote.

What exactly are Wagering Requirements?

Almost any casino bonus offer will come with wagering requirements attached. You’ll see them stated in the terms of the bonus offer in the small print underneath the attractive headline.

Look for something that says ‘Wagering Requirements of 35x’ or similar. The number might be different but the implications are the same. Having wagering requirements will mean that you need to wager or play through the bonus amount for the specified amount of time.

Let’s use an example to see how this works in reality. Say that the bonus terms state that the wagering requirements are 30x for your £/$100 casino bonus.

This means that you’ll need to wager that £/$100  bonus a total of 35 times to be eligible to withdraw it in the future.

Using some simple maths, we can see that you’ll need to wager a total of £/$3,500  to be able to claim that £/$100 bonus amount.

You can always use this calculation to help you out:

(wagering requirement) x (bonus amount) = the total you’ll need to wager!

While that sounds like a massive amount to be playing with, don’t forget that the wagering requirement will almost always include any winnings that you have picked up along the way.

So, as you play and win, by wagering those winning it is still counting towards your total wagering requirements. Some casinos even provide this info on your account screen, but if they don’t you can ask the support team for an update on your progress.

Other casino bonus offer terms to be aware of

Whilst wagering requirements are a big deal, be aware of these bonus terms as well:


As mentioned above, you might need to deposit a minimum or maximum amount to trigger a bonus.

Time Limits

The bonus may only be valid for a set amount of hours, days or weeks once you’ve triggered it. Make a note of any time restrictions to ensure you don’t miss out on claiming it.

New Players Only

Lots of shiny bonus offers only apply to new customers. It’s a regular tactic used by casinos to pull in new players. Make sure you’re eligible for a bonus offer before you start wagering away!

What makes a casino bonus good or bad?

So, now you know what wagering requirements and the other terms attached to bonuses mean, you should be able to tell if a bonus is worth going for.

Fair wagering requirements

In general, the lower the wagering requirements, the better. If you can find an offer with none at all then you might have struck gold. Just be aware that they might try and stall you in other ways.

At most online casinos you’ll find bonuses with wagering requirements of 30x to 40x attached. Lower than that and it looks like a good offer. Any higher and it’s a mighty task to play through and claim the bonus cash.

Fair time limits

If a casino bonus has really tight time restrictions you may struggle to meet the wagering requirements in time and therefore lose the bonus. Always check the terms and ensure that you have the time to commit to a casino bonus.

If you claim an offer and then don’t play for a few days it would be a waste of time so be sure that you can give any bonus the time it needs to fulfill it. Try and look for bonuses with reasonable time restrictions.

Expiry date

Bonuses will also have an expiry date before which you’ll need to claim the bonus. The terms will state something like: bonus to be claimed within 48 hrs of receiving the email and expires after 14 days.

Bonus Win Caps

Look at the terms to see if it says something like: Bonus wins are capped at £/$500. This is the maximum that you’ll be allowed to win in a single go from the bonus so the higher, the better in most cases!

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