APEX Cryptocurrency Exchange Review: Find More About It

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Feb 26, 2018
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About APEX

APEX is deciphering as Asia Pacific Exchange Pte. Basically, it’s a Singapore blockchain-based exchange platform and a decentralized cryptocurrency token. They provide quality services and effective financial investments.

What about APEX’s Solution?

The platform claims it changes the basic understanding of information flow on global marketplace. It works conformable with Business to Consumer algorithm. This mean an easier way to transfer the information. Users can interact directly with Businesses. It’s a decentralized platform.

What does it mean by Businesses? You can sell data instantly to any preferable brand. Further, they can exchange them into tokens and reward you. The principle is the same. The trading activities are realized on a global marketplace.

Does APEX provide the anonymity?

During your transactions, the businesses can exactly see who sold them the data and the users have the ability to see where their data is being used. The team aims that they provide full transparency.

The APEX token principle

It is considered to provide the first cryptocurrency-based “fund of funds” algorithm in the world.

What is FOF? It allows users to realize multiple activities at the same time. As an investor, you can choose the best suitable strategy provided by the company. The principle is simple. You can choose to invest in more trading opportunities and reduce the risk in case of a loss. This chance is just a way to prevent a failure. You decide to invest or not in “fund of funds”.

Are you asking yourself how to invest in FOF? All you need to do is to buy a unique APEX token. In this way you can share the funds.

The way APEX token works

The APEX tokens are basically designed on Ethereum blockchain. You need to buy them on APEX Token Fund. The fund differs from others by the fact that it was tokenized.

Comparing to other funds, which request a minimum deposit of around 10 million or even more, the APEX fund requests only one single APEX token.

The APEX wallet

All activities realized on the platform are using the CPX Wallet (Consumer App). The application has a user-friendly interface. It provides financial exchanging information. Consumers are allowed to follow their data and choose which one to buy or sell. As a reward, APEX made available points algorithm and cash prizes.

The application is available for Android and iOS operating systems. It allows users to interact with brands, such as BMW, Hilton, Mont Blanc, Chevrolet, Maserati and others. The rule is simple: the more businesses you invest in, the more tokens you get.

You can also get a request from brands. The transactions can be made from both sides. The most attractive part is that you get rewarded even if you open a message request.

The Advantages of APEX platform

  • It has decentralized tokens;
  • It provides the first cryptocurrency-based “fund of funds” algorithm in the world;
  • You are getting rewarded even for opening message requests;
  • Buy using the Consumer Application – you get points and cash prizes;
  • It works conformable with Business to Consumer algorithm;
  • The platform has a user-friendly interface.

The Disadvantages of APEX platform

  • The Consumer Application is available only for mobile version;
  • To start trading data, you need to buy an APEX token.


The APEX exchanging platform is for sure a spectacular project. It is designed to help both users and businesses to interact with each other. It allows you to sell and buy data and even get rewarded for your involvement.

Should you invest in APEX platform? Well, we cannot answer this question, because it depends on your needs and preferences. Choose what’s more suitable for you.

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