Anything App Start-up Tackles Serious Problems in Asia

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Apr 17, 2018
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It’s interesting to see how companies on the other side of the globe develop to have a major impact on the fabric of society in countries like Thailand and Indonesia. Anything App, a Dutch incorporated company, plans to launch its product in Asia first.

The founders, who have spent the recent years living in Thailand, elaborate that ‘Thailand 4.0’ is a governmental initiative which has been picking up a tremendous amount of steam. It allows start-ups to have a 100% foreign-owned company, as well as significant income tax benefits and relaxed visa regulation for experts.

This suddenly makes Bangkok a more viable option for start-ups than Vietnam, which although incredibly hip in software development at this point in time, holds high managerial cost. Moreover, some uneasiness about the security of company assets still exist.

The Anything App, with the company named after the product, is in demand in Thailand before it has launched. A variety of associations and institutions has expressed interest in collaborating, stating that the Anything App solves problems which always have been prevalent in the Thai (start-up & business) ecosystem. Excitement is growing, as the App develops further.

The Anything App is a communicative tool to contact experts in a variety of fields, immediately. Everyone can sign up to be an expert, by setting their own availability schedule and the price per minute they wish to receive as compensation. The inclusion of video-calling allows users to look at problems and solve them together. For Thai start-ups, the Anything App means affordable and instant access to lawyers, mentors, business angels and more. Resources that start-ups desperately need and struggled to get a hold of until now. The company manages the growth of the platforms and gets involved to ensure the quality of service.

Anything App states that in the long run, they target for ‘everyone’ to become a seller on the App. The purpose is to ensure that there will always be human to assist you over the phone, with whatever issue you might have. A target when met, would certainly make life a lot easier for everyone.

In order to do so, they carefully monitor which verticals can fuel the growth of the platform by targeted marketing. They mention a certain standard in outwards branding must be maintained, as publicly marketing the wrong verticals, although generating high returns, might repel new users from coming to the platform.

To learn more about the Anything App, their marketing strategy and their upcoming ICO, visit

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