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One of the most influential American company based on technological development is preparing to expand its production of graphics processing unit. This conclusion was taken following the increase of the existing demands on the global marketplace.

The Advanced Micro Devices Incorporation have recently launched a new processor called RX Vega, whose stocks were sold at a faster pace than managers expected. This has greatly surprised the developers, but at the same time now they are somehow forced to continue the production of the GPU to satisfy the market demands.

The RX Vega processor has gained a huge reputation amongst those who own crypto mining centers as well as investors. At the end of 2017, the company recorded about $ 1 billion profit from crypto hardware item sales. AMD is projecting its technology to satisfy both miners and gamers.

More processor power is needed

The development of the crypto system has prompted a huge interest since 2017 on investments made in mining activities as well as in the cryptocurrency trading.

The demand for hardware elements has grown enormously lately. More and more specialists are investing in crypto mining centers. For this reason, companies like AMD have to develop more processors at the same pace as before so they will not lose their clientele.

The AMD graphics processing units are used especially to mine Ethereum and Monero tokens, which need a stronger power.

The company plans to increase the number of GPU products to match the existing demand. The CEO, Lisa Su replied for Polygon that “The graphics channel is very low, and we are certainly working to replenish that environment”.

The company is aware that they need to invest in the processor’s RAM to provide a greater processing power. Thus, the team assured users that they will invest in it, without producing a deficit.

However, the market demand of these processors is connected to the price of cryptocurrencies. Today, 2 February 2018, the price for one Bitcoin fluctuates between $ 8,300 and $ 8,500. But, until what level do you think that the demand will continue to grow?

Do you think that the demand for AMD’s graphics processing units will continue to grow in 2018?

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