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These Altcoins Have The Biggest Potential Beyond 2022

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Sep 26, 2022
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These Altcoins could dethrone Bitcoin as the long-time ruler of the crypto market.

All altcoins have been created with the purpose of overthrowing Bitcoin from its domination position in the crypto market. 

Even if, in the beginning, few believed they could ever gain the power to compete with the ruler of the industry, they have risen to prominence over the years and become some of the major players in the decentralized market. We’re talking about altcoins that perform extraordinarily on the market (Ethereum, Cardano, and Binance Coin). 

Nowadays, multiple altcoins pull off better than Bitcoin in terms of performance, so they’re worthy additions to any investor’s portfolio, suppose they’re looking for diversification. 

What are Altcoins?

All cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are alternative currencies. You can pick from over 18.000 altcoins available on the market if you want to add new digital assets to your portfolio. 

Now that we cleared the confusion, it’s time to tell you which altcoins are worth your attention in the following years. 


Ethereum is the most successful altcoin in the crypto market because of its upside potential. 

Crypto investors describe it as the largest smart contract platform that enables the development of dApps, DeFi, Web3 projects, and metaverse. All these innovations have triggered significant use cases and price growth for ETH coins. 

Considering the several benefits Ethereum brings to investors and traders, experts believe more on and off-chain brands to build on the Ethereum network and integrate Eth payments in their operations. The Merge will also impact the Ethereum price because it improves the network’s efficiency and limits the supply of the token. 

All these factors, together with the recovering crypto market, could catapult the ETH price to new heights. Some optimistic crypto analysts think Ethereum has a real shot of overtaking Bitcoin as the most valuable digital currency by 2030. 


Tamadoge, with its native token TAMA, is an upcoming crypto project with play-to-earn characteristics. Tamaverse, a P2E game based on doge, hosts Tamadoge.

Tamadoge is different from the other Doge currencies because it didn’t gain popularity due to social media backing, but thanks to its multiple utilities that offer several use-cases to traders. Crypto traders can use this altcoin to trade NFTs, settle transactions, and gain rewards in the Tamaverse.

The platform is unique on the market because it features Tamadoge pets, which are NFTs with smart contract functionality. Investors can use TAMA tokens to purchase the pets from the Tama store. They can choose the pet they prefer according to their advantages, characteristics, and weaknesses, so they can breed it and use it in competitions where they can earn dogepools.

We should also note that TAMA doesn’t require the payment of taxes when trading the currency. Tamadoge makes a profit when the users spend the tokens within the game to buy NFTs and other items. 


This is the fastest-growing smart contract platform on the market, with excellent chances to overthrow both Bitcoin and Ethereum. It was created to replace Ethereum as the most popular smart contract platform, and it onboarded several of the technologies Ethereum features.

It provides access to everything from the metaverse to NFTs, DeFi rod apps, and play-to-earn games. All the benefits it offers to crypto investors enabled SOL tokens to sustain growth and register a 130000% spike above the ICO price. 

Even in the current context, Solana shows no signs of slowing its ascension, which makes us believe it’ll make history in the market. At present, it’s expanding its ecosystem to integrate more programs and appeal to the wider crypto community. Over the years, it proved it’s a sustainable crypto asset that enables investors to grow their portfolios exponentially and make a profit. 

Battle Infinity

Like Tamadoge, Battle Infinity is an altcoin and crypto game that has taken the crypto market by storm over the last few years. Battle Infinity was created to revolve around battle games, but it also integrates NFTs.

Blockchain users can trade players with others using the Battle Infinity marketplace through a decentralized and transparent process.

The Battle Market is a dedicated NFT marketplace where crypto users can mint and sell their work and upgrade their avatars. They can also buy plots of virtual land within the Battle Arena (the native metaverse) to earn passive income from hosting in-game billboards. Battle Infinity uses its native token, $IBAT, to complete transactions. 


Cardano is the largest smart contract platform and most secure blockchain (according to fintech and crypto specialists). It gained popularity as being the first peer-researched crypto network that doesn’t shy from integrating emerging technologies to improve its features.

Since its launch, it has maintained a near-permanent place among the top 10 most valuable digital currencies, which should give investors confidence if they intend to add Cardano to their portfolios.

Crypto experts consider Cardano a powerful competitor to Ethereum that might overthrow it as the dominant smart contract platform.  


Many have described it as the pioneer metaverse project, which would explain why its plots of land are sold at high prices. Off-chain brands like Forever 21, Samsung, JP Morgan, and Coca-Cola have shown interest in Decentraland and set up stores in the virtual world. 

Both organizations and individuals support the Decentraland metaverse, which reported over 300k active users monthly. The token has been rising in trade volumes for a while, and an increased number of wallets include MANA, making crypto investors believe that the altcoin will register an uptrend in the future. It’s expected that Decentraland will attract more developers and traders together with other brands looking for virtual land to set up stores.

The platform plans to provide users with more facilities as it intends to create more play-to-earn games, NFTs, and Web3 programs. Considering the increased interest in the metaverse, the MANA Token prices are predicted to reach tremendous heights by the end of 2022. 

Which altcoin makes a promising investment?

As you could grasp from above, several cryptocurrencies have great chances of growing their ecosystems and token prices over the following period. 

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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