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Alibabacoin Foundation, the blockchain-based company is celebrating their back-to-back achievements which have established them as a robust company in the cryptocurrency world.

After surpassing their ICO goal and successfully completing the airdrop that involved thousands of users worldwide, Alibabacoin has recently listed their native ABBC on nine top exchanges around the world.

Since 10th October, ABBC is listed on major exchanges, namely Bitforex, Coinbene, Ooobtc, and Dragonex from Singapore as well as IDAX(Mongolia), Topbtc (Australia), Rightbtc (Dubai), Coinsuper (Hongkong) and Sistemkoin (Turkey). The users can now start trading on these exchanges and withdraw their funds whenever they want to.

Apart from the coin listing, Alibabacoin has also collaborated with 30 most popular online shopping portals like eBay and Amazon, to enable the users to pay using the ABBC. This will immensely benefit the ABBC holders. Paul Philip, the founder, and CEO of Alibabacoin Foundation mentions in their statement to the media, “We are excited to announce that ABBC is now listed on nine major exchanges located in six countries. All the users in those countries and worldwide can now trade in the constantly growing ABBC. Apart from this, the coin holders can also use the ABBC to pay on the most popular online shopping sites across the world. We thank our community members and customers for their constant support and faith in us”.

Alibabacoin Foundation has carefully selected the most trusted, robust and user-friendly exchanges from around the world so that the traders can conveniently trade in the ABBC. All of the listed exchanges offer utmost security and privacy to the user’s data as well as prompt customer support. For instance, Bitforex has offices in multiple countries and users in over 186 countries, while Topbtc is one of the leading and most trusted exchanges in Australia. Sistemkoin and Coinsuper also offer a secure and user-friendly digital trading platform for the users worldwide.

In the past, Alibabacoin Foundation has introduced the revolutionary facial recognition technology in the Multi-Crypto Wallet, which will eliminate the need to enter a manual password and the user can securely access the wallet with their Face-ID. The Multi Crypto wallet by Alibabacoin is a remarkable wallet that supports up to six cryptocurrencies namely, ABBC, BTC, ETH, LTC, QTUM, and DASH while more coins will be added in the future.

Alibabacoin Foundation will be launching their own online shopping portal and marketplace by the end of 2018.


Alibabacoin Foundation is not affiliated with Alibaba Group Holding Limited, China

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