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AirFox – Making The Mobile Internet Affordable For Everyone

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Sep 16, 2017
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On September 19th, 2017 at 10:00 am EST, one of the most interesting ICO will start – the AirToken ICO. Incubated at Harvard’s Innovation Lab, AirFox uses advertising and micro-loans on blockchain to reward the user. AIR technology monetizes the user’s smartphone and rewards him financially for attention and good behavior. Seems like AirFox’s main mission is to provide mobile data affordability to the low-income consumer.

A Different Way To Use The Smartphone

AirFox has two free apps: AirFox Recharge and AirFox Browser. Each prepaid mobile subscriber on earth can earn AIR by using these apps.  The Air tokens are rewarded for each ad impression displayed on your device. You can exchange the AIR for mobile data or even send it to others via 3.5 billion prepaid SIM cards and over 500 wireless carriers. With the AirFox browser, you’ll only receive ads from them.

The AirFox Recharge App is a great way to earn some easy AIR. Here you can opt to view advertisements and complete offers based on a fixed amount of AIR rewarded. You can also use it to purchase AIR directly.

This app sounds like a great way for the advertisers to promote their offers and for you to earn some free AIR using your smartphones. Advertisers will have a major benefit there. They would be able to target users based on a certain behavior and interest, according to their whitepaper. Because of this, advertisers will be happy since the results will flow and publishers will have ads based on their interest.

The CEO and Co-founder of AirFox is Victor Santos, an ex-Googler, a UC Berkeley alum & a telecom entrepreneur. Victor’s helpers are Sara Choi as a Co-founder and James Seibel as CTO. AirFox already has a list with notable investors like LaunchCapitalNXT Ventures and Techstars.

The AirFox ICO Starts September 19th, 2017.

If you want to be a part of the AirFox mission and to profit from it, the best thing you can do is to invest in their ICO. Between $0 and $2 million – the Air price will be 65 AIR per 1.00 USD equivalent in ETH.  In the next two rounds, the value will drop to 60 and 55. Over the last phase, 50 AIR will cost 1.00 USD equivalent in ETH – until the ICO will finish at the $15 million cap.

A second sale period will start in the next 24h where an additional of $6 million to $21 million USD are expected to be raised or until 1.5 billion AIR is minted, whichever comes first. The token event creation will stop at 1.5 Billion AIR tokens minted.

AirFox has one of the most promising ICOs from this year. Besides this, they want to help the world become a better place by allowing the people with less than average salaries earn a few extra cash using their smartphone.

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