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According to a report from CryptoNinjas, Aeternity and LimeChain partnered for the realization of various common goals, mainly blockchain application development and promotion.

The article describes how the team behind Aeternity think that LimeChain is the perfect match for their goal. LimeChain is an exciting blockchain development and consulting company that specializes in delivering relevant blockchain solutions for some of the biggest problems that the business is currently undergoing.

LimeChain is known for working with various companies from a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, education, supply chain, and artificial intelligence. The company has also made a name for itself by offering services which are backed by both all-encompassing business experience as well as technical know-how. LimeChain will act as a supporting pillar for Aeternity that has just finished its incubator program.

Both company leaders excited for what’s to come

“I’m excited for the partnership between æternity Ventures and LimeChain! While æternity is working hard to solve one of the biggest challenges of blockchain on protocol level, LimeChain is working on the other spectrum — to build the blockchain solutions for one of the toughest business challenges out there. This is a match made in heaven,”  Nick Todorov, Founder, and CEO of LimeChain declared for the publication.

He then went on to further point out just how good the synergy between the two companies really is: “The synergy between our two organizations has the potential to create value and be driving force for both the blockchain and business ecosystem. We live in unprecedented times and I’m thrilled to work with æternity Ventures on the future of blockchain.”

Aeternity’s CEO, Nikola Stojanow shared his enthusiasm and optimism.

“Through the partnership with LimeChain, we are happy to announce that we will be able to offer additional development support, not only for æternity and æternity Starfleet, but also for other projects that are in need of development. Creating such strategic partnerships allow great opportunities, which we are looking forward to,” he declared.

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