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 Over 800 crypto investors have joined forces to establish a community against and its CEO Roger Ver. The “ lawsuit/victims” Telegram group has filed a lawsuit against the CEO and his site for deceiving the users into buying BCH instead of BTC.

Roger Ver Faces Issues Over Misleading Users into Buying BCH

Bitcoin is currently the world’s most valuable and well-known digital currency. Those that want to gain more knowledge about it, will most likely visit for additional information. It’s only normal that bitcoin enthusiasts would click on this domain. When you Google “buy bitcoin”, the first result is’s CEO Roger Ver might soon be taken to court for his controversial promotion of Bitcoin Cash. This particular subject is gaining a lot of traction on a Telegram group chat called lawsuit/victims created by user Money Trigz. The group already counts over 800 members that want to pursue legal action against the website for spreading inaccurate information that Bitcoin cash is the real Bitcoin.

It seems that the group has also caught the attention of some big names from the crypto community, but no one is actually leading this initiative.

Roger Ver, who was also a Bitcoin influencer, began publicizing Bitcoin Cash after it forked from Bitcoin. His website features Bitcoin Cash at the top and presents Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core. While the logos also have a striking resemblance, this website is also the only one that refers to Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core. The false information convinced users to purchase Bitcoin Cash when they really wanted to buy Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin community was not pleased by this and wishes to boycott the website. Meanwhile, CEO of Shapeshift Erik Voorhees, a longtime associate of Roger Ver, dissociated himself from Ver about portraying Bitcoin Cash as the real Bitcoin.

“Roger – please stop referencing me to back up your opinion that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. It isn’t. Bitcoin is the chain originating from the genesis block with the highest accumulated proof of work. The Bitcoin Cash fork failed to gain majority, thus it is not Bitcoin,” tweeted Voorhees.

Bitcoin Enthusiasts Seeking Justice

The community has become really involved in this matter, seeing as many bitcoin enthusiasts are even a willing to make donations to finance the legal proceedings.

“Everybody is frustrated and outraged plus you have victims now losing money because of it. [] crossed the line, and we’re pushing back legally.” stated Money Trigz regarding this lawsuit.

The creator of the group stressed that such legal matters should not be discussed on the group.

“The legal angles are being discussed with lawyers, not up for discussion here, this is public, [] have eyes here.”

 “We have things going on behind the scenes and ALLOT of industry people dm us to help with lawyer firms recommendations and in different juri’s. there seems to be some serious merrit with a few of the approaches, can’t say more now. send everybody to us that lost money using platform or wallet,” said the group creator. 

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