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cryptocurrency portfolio apps

Seeing as the crypto market is prone to extreme volatility, it is imperative for any trader or investor to have in his or her arsenal of tools a right kind of tracker that helps to monitor price fluctuations efficiently.

Cryptocurrency portfolio apps are essential for professional traders and blockchain novices alike as they provide a convenient method for the real-time monitoring of their cryptos of interest.

In today’s article, we will be looking at some of the best cryptocurrency portfolio apps that you should consider if you are a trader.

1. Delta

Delta is a popular cryptocurrency portfolio app that labels itself as “the best Bitcoin, ICO, and Cryptocurrency tracker. Everywhere.”  The app can be used either on the desktop (macOS, Windows, and Linux) or iOS/Android mobile devices.

Delta can track the performance of a wide list of tokens (over 2000), having one of the biggest libraries of cryptos.

It has been highly rated by users according to reviews, scoring 4.8 out of 5 on Appstore. It supports over 175 exchanges, API connection to 13 exchanges, and features an intuitively designed platform. The only disadvantage is that it has rather limited charting and notification options.


Cryptocompare is a platform focused on collecting crypto data for investors and traders. The app can be used in the website form and as an Android app.

The web interface is comprehensive, featuring a large amount of data for each coin. It also displays news, events, articles, and forum posts on crypto topics to allow investors to have the necessary information for their analysis. The app tracks a whopping 5000 coins and 240,000 trading pairs.

There is also included a timeline function that showcases the key milestones in a token’s development, and an influence tab displays the general sentiment manifested in media platforms.

3. Blockfolio

Blockfolio is another cryptocurrency portfolio app that is highly regarded among traders. Unfortunately, it is only available for mobile devices. It is compatible with both iOS and Android systems, scoring 4.7 on App Store, based on average reviews.

Blockfolio’s features impressive charting functionalities and support for 207 exchanges, with more being added all the time. The app tracks a long list comprised of over 3000.

Other noteworthy features that the app has are:

  • Private API connections
  • Tracking in 30+ major fiat currencies in addition to ETH and BTC
  • charting of crypto investment stats
  • RSS news feed
  • Price alerts

The Blockfolio app also includes a basic privacy protection protocol that hides the user’s balance and secures the app by locking it with a password.

4. is a site that has over 300k+ active users and has gathered nine years of historical data for a wide list of 6229 cryptos.

It makes available direct exchange transactions which can be imported from 52 exchanges and also, has support for importing eight wallets including Trezor and Electrum. Among the advanced features for trade-analysis are its “Realised/Unrealised gains/losses”, average buying prices, coin trends, trading fees, and tax reports.

Free use means that the number of transactions is limited to 200. Those who want a higher limit have to pay for an annual license, the Pro version is priced at $80 (max 3500 transactions) and the Unlimited version is available for $126. is also available for iOS and Android systems. While the app allows you to monitor crypto prices, track trade profitability in real-time and set price alerts, you are not able to add coins and trades.

5. Coinstats

Coinstats is a cryptocurrency portfolio app which is highly rated by users. The app can be used on iOS, macOS, and Android devices. While the interface is not as refined as in other apps, it is very functional and intuitive. It tracks the prices of 1800 coins in real time, sourcing the date from over 80 exchanges.

Users also have the option of automatically importing their exchange portfolio from over 30 exchanges. Its aggregator pulls news from a variety of sources (over 40) for each of its featured coins.

Coinstats allows you to set alert settings and notifications according to price, market cap, and volume changes. The only downside found here is that the best functionalities are in Pro (which costs £27.99 a year), that allows multiple portfolios and convenient auto alerts for price shifts of 10%+.


Cryptopanic is a free web platform that aggregates crypto-related news, and also provides portfolio and alert options. The News feature is the best part of this cryptocurrency portfolio app, as it displays in a convenient matter the most recent news and trends from the crypto space. Here you can filter which type of news you receive, based on specific requirements. Cryptopanic is also available as an app for iOS and Android systems.

For $99 you can get the Pro version which features instant coin alerts and customization options for your news page. Cryptopanic is a very useful tool as it can display the latest news according to the coin you are interested in.

7. Cointracker

Cointracker is an app which can be used on iOS and Android devices. It monitors the evolution and performance of over 2,500 coins, supporting the connection to nearly 20 exchanges. Users also have the option to import wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

While the charting functionality is rather simplistic, Cointracker makes up for this with its feature that automatically generates a tax creation (useful for the US tax residents).


There are numerous other websites and apps that can be used by crypto traders, but we have narrowed the list down to only the best-rated ones. We hope that our article about cryptocurrency portfolio apps was of help to you.

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