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500 Casino

500 Casino – The Greatest Crypto & CS:GO Casino 

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Nov 26, 2021
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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are evolving at incredible speeds, enabling people increased opportunities to utilize them every day. Even while modern technologies have touched numerous fields, the most impacted appears to be the gambling one. 500 Casino is an excellent example of a site designed for crypto and CS:GO with the most lucrative VIP program.  

About 500 Casino  

500 Casino is a platform designed to provide its players with an innovative environment, allowing users to both invest in crypto and play CS:GO. They have the most rewarding VIP program available.  

They just redesigned their rewards to make them the finest of any other casino. The platform provides a broad range of games, including those developed by the 500 Casino team and esports betting, slots, and live gaming.  

Furthermore, 500 Casino has a content producers’ program with lots of partnership chances. It allows those who want to expand their business alongside 500 Casino to do so, providing several levels, ranging from bronze to gold content generator, each with its own set of advantages.  

500 Casino Rewards Rework Explained  

 With the former awards there were two significant issues:   

Endless farming: people constructed bots and programs to farm modest amounts from the Train 24/7, even if the results were not significant, but the numbers accumulated month after month.  

Lack of predictability: As 500 Casino evolved, the platform began to bring greater regularity to how its customers claimed pay-outs.  

Unfortunately, the Train, Free Spins, and old Daily Incentives are being phased out as they shift their rewards strategy to something more beneficial for active players.  

They had brought something different in exchange for the previous incentives, even though they had taken them out.  

The platform offers Rakeback benefits starting at level 0 and increasing as users progress, with players being able to earn Rakeback even on their first beats. This function becomes bigger every 100 levels, and it gets significantly greater after users reach VIP status. Every time they level up, a predetermined reward is immediately added to their Rakeback account.  

XP awards are similar to the former Daily rewards, in which users can collect XP prizes twice a day on a defined timer. This feature is based on the XP gained in the preceding 7 days before the claim. The higher the prizes, the more XP users gain.  

The VIP benefits, including loss-backs, weekly reloads, one-time bonuses, birthday bonuses, infrequent awards, and others, are more predictable. These features have now been split into their own area to make things transparent.  


Even though the 500 Casino platform has modified the way prizes are distributed for active players, this does not rule out the possibility of non-active players benefiting. On social media, the platform still has free prizes and giveaways. Furthermore, they continue to hold Giveaways, Scavenger Hunts, and Raffles and publish concealed coupons whenever they get the opportunity.  

Individuals can follow them on social media to stay up to speed with everything, which is a different order of thought: TwitterFacebookInstagram

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