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It seems that not only the financial institutions have invested in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The American rapper 50 Cent agreed to be paid in Bitcoins for the Animal Ambition album when its price was just $662.

The album was released in June, 2014 and the artist has accepted to be rewarded with Bitcoin as a payment. Of course, he was suspicious of virtual coins, because Bitcoin was at the beginning of its evolution. But, in the end he decided to risk. What a lucky moment.

So, he was paid with 700 Bitcoin for the album, which is equivalent today with $ 7.749.906.64. Over the four years, the value of the Bitcoin has risen from $ 662 to $ 11,330 (24 January 2018).

The artist guessed it right that he didn’t have to sell the coins. Now, the remuneration he owns gives him a wealth of about 7,9 million dollars.

Imagine if he sold the 700 Bitcoins in December at the price of $ 20.000, he would have won about 14 million USD.

What do you think: is 50 Cent lucky or just a good investor?

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