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5 Things A Great Mobile Slots App Must Have

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Aug 29, 2019
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With hundreds of mobile casinos available to you at any time, it’s not easy to just choose one and start playing there.

That is unless you’re fine with putting your money at risk at whatever random app you download right off the bat.

Alternatively, you might be happy with what your current preferred casino offers without really knowing what’s on the offer elsewhere.

The good news is that you don’t need to check all the apps on your own. That would take ages! Instead, read this guide to find out what a great mobile slots app must have.

Then, simply compare it to the one you’re playing at right now. Or, if you aren’t using a casino app yet, learn what an ideal casino games app should look like.

Great Mobile Slots Apps Must Have:

  1. Many Slots & Providers
  2. Easy Search Function
  3. Mobile Payment Option
  4. Mobile Support
  5. Regular Events & Bonuses

1. Many Slots & Providers

You’re looking for a great mobile slots app, so, naturally, it should offer a range of games to choose from. The more you can choose from, the more fun you can potentially have and the longer you can enjoy the site.

If there are just a hundred games available and you only enjoy half of them, you might soon find that you’re short of new slots to explore.

What’s a good number of games, though? Many sites offer 300 or more, so you shouldn’t settle for any less. However, some of the apps have a much larger roster that goes beyond 1,000.

What’s more, you should pay attention to how many different game providers are there. The more of them available, the more varied will be the games.

Mobile apps with lots of popular developers also have a greater chance of offering the best mobile slots as soon as they’re released.

2. Easy Search Function

All the variety of slots can’t be enjoyed in full potential if it’s difficult to explore it. To make things easier, an app needs an easy and intuitive search function.

You should be able to search for games from anywhere in the app. Besides, the search bar isn’t enough to navigate all the collection.

Aside from that, the slots should be divided into categories based on the theme, gameplay functions, setup and more. Sorting by provider or potential payout is also a great feature to have.

3. Mobile Payment Option

Having a mobile-first payment option is crucial. This includes pay by phone, Trustly or any other mobile banking method.

Otherwise, you should be able to make transactions swiftly and without any fuss via a mobile payments app like Skrill-1-Tap, PayPal or similar.

4. Mobile Support

If anything goes wrong, 24/7 support should be there to help you. Unfortunately, not all mobile slots apps have that.

In the best-case scenario, there will be a live chat function that you can use directly via the app. Alternatively, other details such as an email or a phone number should be provided.

This is useful not only if you run into trouble but also if you just need some things clarified before you proceed.

5. Regular Events & Bonuses

Mobile casino apps can be just as exciting as online slot sites or real casinos. Bonuses and events go a long way in guaranteeing that.

Ideally, every app should offer some kind of a bonus or a promotion every day. If there’s no daily offer available, a weekly bonus is alright too.

With these offers, you’ll be sure that there’s something more waiting for you whenever you log in to play.


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