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15 Crypto Memes to Cheer You Up on a Bad Bear Day

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Feb 2, 2019
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Starting the year with a bearish market can make any investor gloomy. But some inside crypto humor can renew your mood and hope.

Check out some of these funny crypto memes that have made traders and HODLers from all corners of the internet giggle a bit during trailing market times.

We could always do with more of Bob Ross’s optimism

When your crypto OCD just cannot be contained

Bitcoins are addicting

Ah, yes, the Legends of the Long (Mining) Night…

He seems to be more into the look…

Best investment strategy

Maybe the first BTC investors were time-travellers


Ah, dem bubble speculations


The principle of learning: No Pains, No Gains.

Blockchain is like alien technology to many of us…

NVIDIA price why u no go down??!!?

Now this chart I can understand

The incredible super duo: ETH and BTC!

50 cent should convert himself

Hope some of these memes have brightened you up and given you the strength to keep HODLing on…

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