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Two weeks after its much-awaited hard fork, it has been revealed 13% of Bitcoin Cash nodes still run on the blockchain’s old software which is incompatible with the rest of the network.

So far, Bitcoin Cash has not managed to gain supporters for its most recent fork, which occurred on May 15.

The statistics show the newly generate controversy around Bitcoin Cash for certain cryptocurrency users, critics also noting how Bitcoin (BTC) has outperformed the altcoin in the last week when it came to network cost, currently having lower transaction fees.

When it was first proposed in August 2017, Bitcoin Cash advocates specified that one of its most important features was to offer cheaper transactions fees than Bitcoin.

However, others noted the 87% of the network incorporated all nodes, claiming the rogue nodes that did not follow the majority consensus were actually dormant.

“If they would have any economic value they would continue mining unforked chain,” read one response.

A similar report regarding Bitcoin Cash’s lack of consensus in its post-fork focused on how little publicity it received.

Bitcoin core developer Kalle Alm observed that 16-17% of nodes were not running the new chain’s software on May 16, adding “everyone would explode” if something like this has happened on the Bitcoin network, whose nodes are currently working at 100 percent capacity with the consensus rules.

“You can tell BCH is not bitcoin by looking at how not everyone is losing their shit all over the place. Imagine if 20% of BTC nodes failed consensus? Everyone would explode. And there would be forks as miners are not just one dude running a farm,” he wrote.

The creator of BitcoinVPC had gone even further, calling the hard fork “an epic screw up for a network marketed as a store of value and a medium of exchange.”

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