10 Ways to Get Free Bitcoins

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Dec 10, 2017
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Today, there are created a lot of different games and applications that allow us to get bitcoins, so you just need to create an online wallet. Of course, often, many of them turn out to be fake, so it’s your duty to be cautious.

Below, we will list 10 different ways to get free bitcoins:

The Blockchain Game

You need to have an online wallet, so that they can send you the bitcoins on your account address. To sign up, you should pass through two steps process, that consist in relating your e-mail details and bitcoin link. Take note that the game has a lot of advertisements, that’s why it’s free of charge.

To win the game, you need to pass several levels, and once you finish ten levels – you can get your money or choose to go further. They are paying once per week.

Bitcoin Popper

This game displays less advertisements than the first one and it looks harder from the first glance. You can even pay extra so that you can get upgraded. One inconvenience is that the game makes you wait after each defeat. You just have to match some stars to win some bitcoins.

Free Bitcoin Miner

Free Bitcoin Miner is free of charge, but it also displays a lot of advertisements – that’s how you get bitcoins. You’re just paid for your time. You have to watch some ads for half an hour, and after that, you gain one free bitcoin. At the same time, you can listen to music, watch videos or read online books.

Paid Books

You will ask ‘How can I get paid by reading books?”. Well, now you can combine pleasure with utility. To get paid, you should log in with your Facebook account on the Digital Artists Online platform. The official website of PaidBooks lets you choose from a lot of classical books. They should pay you per every ten minutes, but you will receive the amount on your bitcoin wallet only at the end of the week.

Roll and Ball

An interesting game where you must show your patience. The concept is simple: roll a ball on the virtual table till you are collecting all the coins. This is another game that displays a lot of advertisements. The more levels you pass, the more bitcoins you get. However, the app was removed from Google Play.

Free Bitcoin

It’s a game that helps you to multiply the amount of your bitcoins. After you create an account, you can win 200 dollars every hour. Every week, this app hosts a lottery where you can win different prizes. If you want to get more bitcoins, you need to attract your friends to play the game by sending them your profile link.

Flap Pig

It’s a funny game, inspired from the Flappy Bird app. This one  is about a pig that can fly. Sounds crazy, but it really “works”. Be carefully to pass the levels and the remuneration is guaranteed. The game concept is about a gold pig that you should control by touching the mobile screen to protect him from hitting the surroundings.

Flap Pig


Now you can be paid by completing online surveys. BitcoinGet is a website that lets you collect bitcoins by doing different tasks. All you need to start the process is to log in with your bitcoin address; you don’t need an e-mail or other information.


Moon Bitcoin

Mood Bitcoin is a website that allows you to get more free bitcoins. The payments are made instantly into your CoinPot account. The website concept is simple: you should just wait till the faucet gets full.

After a moment, don’t forget to claim a part of the amount, because it will slow down the process. There are some bonuses, for example: if you claim one time per day you get +1% of the amount on your bitcoin balance. Also, if you invite your friends using your personal address you can get +50% more coins on your account.

Bitcoin Mine

Bitcoin Mine is an online game that lets you get free bitcoins. You should upgrade your mine every time to generate more bitcoins. This game is free of charge and the payment is made directly on your wallet. The more friends you invite, the more bonuses you receive.

Anyway, even if you can’t loose anything if you try, please be careful about what apps you choose to use and what personal information you provide.

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